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What Do You Do In Your Lunch Brake At School? See What Happens In A School In Japan


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School lunch in Japan is not just about eating. Lunch period is placed as a learning period in Japanese schools. I'm sure you weren't aware that the Japanese took lunchtime in schools so seriously.

I grew up in the United States, and we Americans don’t, in the main, look back on our school days with particularly fond memories of lunch. Some schools do a superb job of serving up delicious and nutritious meals. Others can barely get their act together to reheat yesterday’s chicken fingers, and, as with much else in America, it all averages out to a frustrating mediocrity. These days, the culinary standards of American school lunches often come in for punishing comparisons in the media to those of other societies, especially France, which has long held up eating well as one of its highest priorities, and Japan, known for its attention to detail as well as the health of its people.

Published 7 months ago

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