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This Truck Driver Had A Bad Feeling About This Car...You Won't Believe What Happened After His Turned On His Camera!


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If you are an experienced driver then you begin to trust your intuition while driving and most of the time you are right. There are many drivers that don't respect the rules and can endanger other traffic participants. That's exactly what happened to this truck driver. You have to see this video.

He has a dashboard camera and apparently he was getting a bad vibe from the black car so he flipped on the cam. Sure enough this guy tries cutting right in front of the huge truck and then this happens! Really crazy and as you’ll see this could have turned out far worse. What is it that some people think they can just cut off whoever they like? The whole incident was thankfully caught on tape and serves as a reminder to us all that reckless drivers are out there and we should always be careful while on the road to avoid incidents like this.

Published 12 months ago

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