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This Mother Posts A Photo Of Her Beautiful Little Girl. 2 Seconds Later She’s Dead.....OMG!


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This video send a very powerful and important message. Many of us don't realize the danger that it involves driving and using our smartphone at the same time. This short video shows us how our life can be ruined just because we couldn't forget about facebook for a little while.

Life is precious, and it's not worth risking it over something as fleeting as a photo on social media. That's the message of this viral video campaign. And when you see how poignantly this video shows this, you'll understand why it's been seen by almost 7 million people. "Close to Home," a viral video campaign from AT&T, starts out as a celebration of the little things in life: riding bikes, watching your kid's  baseball game, dinner at a favorite restaurant... They're all beautiful moments that make our life so fulfilling. But at the 2:36 mark, we're reminded how fragile our lives actually are. It only takes a second for the mom in the video to look at a picture on her cell phone, but when she does, she takes her eyes off the road and the worst happens. I know the video was made by a phone company, but I teared up anyway. No message, email, or picture is worth risking your life over. "It can wait," as the video says. Watch this video and share so that you can help protect that lives of those around you.

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