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This Man Was On Vacation And Was Walking In This Airport...What Happened Next Is Terrifying...He Vanished Into Thin Air!


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Lars Mittank looks just like any other vacationer as he makes his way through Bulgaria’s Varna Airport.He was walking alone peaceful . But what of a sudden he started to run in the opposite direction....and he wasn't seen since!

Mittank got involved into a fight and hurt his ear. Something that happens always at those places where many young people are partying.He stayed there and enjoyed the rest of his holidays withhis friends. When they had to leave though, the doctor said he can not use the airplane because of his ear. He decided to stay in Bulgaria and rented a room in a hostel while his friends left.He called at night his mother and said he fears for his life.Here is a footage from the airport. Mittank wanted to leave again and catch his next flight. He went to the doctors office though, with all his stuff, suitcase etc. After that, he runs out from the doctors office.People outside saw him how he climbed over a fence and disappeared in a nearby forrest.

Till today, no one knows what happened or where he is. His family is still searching for him, there is even a facebook page.

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