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This Little Girl Almost Died....But When She Was Saved Her Parents Said That They Don't Recolonise Her...OMG!


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A Seattle, Washington family says their 2-year-old child survived a near drowning over the weekend, and is now a “different child.” KOMO-TV reports that while the family was moving, 2-year-old girl Catalina Ackers slipped out of her home and into a neighborhood retention pond. Catalina’s mother, Natalie Holiday, said she went upstairs for a minute came back down and sensed something was wrong. "It happened in an instant," she said. She called 911 and the family fanned out in all directions, but it was her 12-year-old son Ethan who spotted his baby sister in a nearby pond. "He saw her pink shirt and she was floating face down in the water," Holiday told KOMO. Ethan dove into the pond, got Catalina and carried her to the sidewalk above the pond, where a neighbor helped with CPR efforts until a police officer arrived. Source: Tea Party 4 youtube channel

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