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This Girl Went To See The Doctor Because She Had Blackheads....What The Doctor Tells Her...Every Woman Should See This!


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Every woman hate blackheads. Everyday we try to get rid of them, but it;s very difficult. This tried a lot of home remedies for this problem but she didn't have any she went to the doctor. When the doctor starts to press on her skin a a Streams of thin, stringy sebum emerge from her pores. Why? Here is the reason: "When our hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells, blackheads occur. Human body when produces too much oil, it is known as sebum; sebum combines with dead skin cells and starts growing in the follicle. When oil comes in contact with air on the surface of the skin, it turns brown which appear as a blackhead, but in actuality when you squeeze it your nose will release sebum".

Published 11 months ago

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