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This Cat Went To A Dog Show And Meet 50 Dogs…Her Reaction Is Unbelievable!


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It seams that at first every dog though that Boomer was one of them based on his fur and leash. Only up close did they realize he wasn’t just another dog. Their reaction is hilarious!

This is the story of a cat called Boomer and his day out meeting 50 dogs for the first time ever! Now I don’t know about other cats but Boomer didn’t even seem to be bothered to be meeting 50 dogs on the same day! Not only did he meet all the dogs, he took photos with them and had a great time at the park!There’s one thing about cats you know ,they’re naturally very friendly, okay maybe some of them, but those who’re friendly don’t mind meeting new species or new people and won’t react in an awkward manner at all. But of course, I haven’t come across a cat like Boomer and I know for sure had it been my cat, I would be the one meeting the dogs while he runs back home!

Take a look at this video of Boomer and the 50 dogs!

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