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This Boy Was Playing Basketball With His Team...What Happened When This Man Called Him....Tears!


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Meyers Leonard is a beautiful young boy how had a peaceful life. Everything changed when his father died and his brother, Bailey, who is his best friend was send to serve the U.S. Marines. Meyers is a basketball player. One day he was practicing with his team before a game when somebody dressed in marine uniform called his name. What happened next is incredible!

Meyers Leonard was practicing with his Fighting Illini teammates when he noticed something strange happening. All eyes seemed to be on him, and anticipation filled in the arena. Then he saw the neatly dressed figure walking onto the court. That’s when he broke down in tears.

The backstory is what makes this moment so powerful. The neatly dressed man was his big brother Bailey, who, to Meyer’s knowledge, was supposed to be out of the country fulfilling his U.S. Marine duties. Myers and Bailey lost their dad when they were young boys. In the video, Bailey talks about his role as the older brother; “Despite me only being 22 months older than Myers, I like to think of myself as somewhat of a fatherly figure.”

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