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This Adult Woman Took The Bike Of Kid ...What Happens Seconds later Is Hilarious!


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We all loved our Childhood, and people say we have a bit of child let within us. The same was the case with this lady. She might be drunk or maybe normal, but what happened was something vey bad to her which created a humour for us.

Now many people forgets that childhood toys are made in such size that would accomodate childern. They have speicif heoght and weight allowance for each toy. Now you cannot wear a dogs tshirt or you cannot put your head in a small pipe. Same way you cannot rise kids bicycle. But this lady dared it and look what happend to her in this amazing comedy video. She lost the control in secinds and their she goes wet.

Dont try such hilarious acts at home or their are positive chances of getting wet.....hahaha

Published 12 months ago

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