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They Entered The Classroom...When They Saw This Behind The Chalkboard...OMG! This Is Shocking!


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Chalkboards are old....we have new digital thing that take over every classroom. One school was making upgrades and they received a huge, unexpected history lesson. It happened at Emerson High School in Oklahoma City and the discovery is really amazing!

Math teacher Sherry Read's classroom is a total mess. The students are gone for the summer, and light fixtures dangle from the ceiling. The floor has a layer of dust. Down the hallway, workers make a racket while they renovate the school, which dates back to the 1890s. They're working in what has become an archaeological site.A construction crew at the Oklahoma City school made a startling discovery earlier this month. They found old chalkboards with class lessons that were written almost a century ago, and chalk drawings still in remarkably good condition. So Read doesn't mind the mess. In fact, she's amazed.

Published 7 months ago

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