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These 3 Women Are Identical Triplets..And They Are Pregnant A t The Same Time...What This Ultrasound Revealed Is Incredible!


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This video will not change your life, but it is quite curious if we consider that triplets sisters are pregnant at the same time and with a difference of gestation, between the three, no more than two months. The three went to the TV show "The Doctors" and got a live ultrasound that revealed the big question: how many children will they have in total? The bond between identical triplets Erica, Jaclyn, and Nicole Dahm is very strong. What do you think about this?

growing up, I always wished I had a twin to go through life side by side. Sure, it probably had more to do with me being about the same age asErica, Jaclyn, and Nicole Dahm at the peak of their fame, but the idea of having a buddy with you starting from the womb and all the way to making your own way in the world is something that just seems so wonderful! I can only imagine larger sets of multiples feeling even more blessed with their siblings.

I’m close with my brother, of course, but watching the connection between sets like the talented Foster tripletsmakes me sad there’s two whole years between us. While those doppelgängers probably still have their fair share of sibling rivalry every now and then, it’s clear they also have undeniably strong bonds to overcome any obstacle.

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