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She Was Driving When The Police Asked Her To Stop...Why? I Can't Believe This!


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US Army SSgt. Salomon Robinson decided to do something amazing for his mother, when he found out that he will go home. He talked with a poiliceman and they decided to accuse his mother of a hit and run! Crazy, right? You have to see what happened.

That’s when Officer Cameron Mitchell walked back to his car and handed Robinson his mother’s ID.

“I said ‘ma’am come out. Let me show you the damage that we’re talking about.’ I found a little scratch on her car and I said, ‘you see that right there — they reported that there was a little bit of damage.’ She said, ‘well that’s been on there for awhile.’ OK well — my partner’s going to bring your license back in just a second.”And then — an unbelievable surprise!

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