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She Loves To Use Snapchat....But When She Send This Photo,,,,,OMG ...Fail !


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Do you have Snapchat? If you have you know that the picture you send are deleted after 10 seconds. But this happens when the person who see your photo uses screen shot. The funniest and the most hilarious snapchat pictures ever taken!

How was your year in Snapchat? Yeah, we were really cool, too. It’s a damn shame that Snapchat is designed to make all of our videos and photographs disappear after a few seconds. A lot of COED greatness has been lost. We’re pretty sure that every one of our really cool moments over the past year were sent out via Snapchat, and now they’re gone forever.

Well, there is something called a screenshot. Did you know about those? Turns out that all kinds of Snapchats can get immortalized. And not everybody is as awesome as your average COED staffer. It turns out that all kinds of people managed to embarrass themselves on Snapchat.

Published 1 year ago

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