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It Took 5 hours To Save A Whale Caught In A Fishing Net. What Happened When She Was Free? Incredible


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James Mosquito, 40, is a professional diver , who has spent much of his life exploring the depths of waters. After teaching diving courses for seven years, he went to Islands Farallon in Uruguay where he was employed in an ambitious project that help tourists from all around the whole world to see the most frightening killing machines : white sharks. As a guide of the expedition, he daily spend o lot of time with great whites sharkes, being protected by a cage of steel bars. One Saturday, Moskito received an emergency call from Mick Menigoz another professional diver, about a whale that was trapped in a fishing net. James Moskito and some volunteers went immediately to the place where the whale was and struggled for hours to free the whale. These people can be considered true heroes and deserve all praise for their courage and dedication!

Published 7 months ago

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