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Hot Girls Had To Kiss This Guy On His Lips, Want To Know Why? Watch This Crazy Video!


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Which is the favorite afterparty game we all love to play with our group of friends? Any guesses? Of course, what better than ‘Spin the bottle’. All of us enjoy playing this game, especially when we get the chance to dare someone. That’s the most exciting part of the game, isn’t it? We surely make them do the best as well as the worst of things possible but it’s definitely not what this guy did. Here’s an awesome prank video by AVR Prank TV that will make you laugh out louder to see how a guy gets kissed by hot girls. Yes, it is the ‘Kissing Prank’ this time and the results are hilarious. We have this guy playing spin the bottle with pretty girls and made them kiss him on lips if they lost. At the same time, it is interesting to see what the girls did to him when he lost! You’re surely going to enjoy this prank and try it on others, have a look

Published 2 months ago

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