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His Parents Asked Him Why He Draw On The Walls….His Responses Is Hilarious!


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Laura Hopkins has an adorable son. One day when she got home she found her son had used her mirror as a drawing board. When she asked him why he did that....the little one made up the cutest excuse ever.

A little boy, who blamed Batman when he was caught painting his mother's mirror with lipstick, has been melting hearts since a video of him was posted online.Laura Hopkins, from Inverness, Scotland, shared the adorable video of her son Noel accusing the superhero on the Unmumsy Mum Facebook page and it's since had more than 420,000 views.

The clip, which was uploaded with the caption: 'If anyone sees Batman, can you tell him I'm wanting a word', begins with Noel leaning against the wardrobe with a guilty expression.


Published 8 months ago

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