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Here's How To Boost Your WiFi Signal Using A Beer Can! I am trying This!


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If there's a room in your house where the WiFi signal is very bad then this trick is perfect for you. This is the easiest and cheapest way to boost your connection. Follow the instructions from this video and you will have great WiFi signal.

However, there are some ways to improve your Wi-Fi connection.However, even in the most bleak situation, there are heroes, and in this case it’s soda cans.If you’ve ever had a TV with an antenna or a radio, you’ve probably heard of the trick of using tin foil to improve the signal. Using a soda or beer can to improve your wi-fi signal works in a very similar way. The metal in the can and the shape of the can when cut open can focus the signal to and from your router. The only things that you’ll need to achieve this are a beer or soda can, a utility knife, a pair of scissors and some form of adhesive that can easily be removed like tape or adhesive putty.

Published 7 months ago

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