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He Had $35 Dollars In Pennie$ And A Coffee Table? What He Did With Them Is Amazing!


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A coffee table is a very important part of a room. It can truly change the way you look at a room. Unfortunately coffee tables rarely stand out, and most of them are really expensive. In this video you can see how this man takes 3.500 pennie$ and with a product called Glaze Coat glues them to the table. It can take a while to finish this but it's totally worth it!

Coffee tables can make or break a room. Unfortunately, most coffee tables simply do not “pop” but are rather boring looking.

Plus they are super expensive! Thankfully there are some coffee table hacks out there where you can take a boring table and transform it into something spectacular! Case in point is this amazing coffee table which will instantly become a centerpiece for any room.He takes over 3,500 pennie$ and then uses a product called Glaze Coat. It takes some time no doubt, but for 35 bucks to create something this amazing is pretty darn cool! Check out how he creates this stunning table and see the incredible end results.

Published 11 months ago

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