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Do You Like Magic? These Are Some Magic Tricks Gone Wrong! Do You See The Mistake?


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Magic is a mystery for many of us. I know I love watching magic tricks and trying to find out how they are made. These tricks are something else though. While most of the tricks are successful some of them can go horrible wrong.

Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. Magic trickss go wrong and no matter how much you practice, it can always happen. The key is to be prepared in advance. You are not pre-recorded, you are doing something LIVE and part of the thrill for the audience is that it’s real, happening before their eyes, and they can interact with you. The audience have not invested in you, and have nothing to risk from you making a mistake. You are there to entertain them, and if something goes a little wrong, but you carry on and DO entertain them, then they get what they want. After all, 

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