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Baby's reaction when she is told she has a little sister. This is heartbreaking!


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2-year-old Piper was told by her father that she just had a baby sister. She refuses to accept that she is not the only kid anymore. When her dad asks her if she loves her baby sister he gets a firmly NO. She also refuses to give her little sister, her mother or her father a hug.

If you have two kids in your family, then you know all about the older one’s reaction. Usually when they first learn that mom is pregnant with another kid they get a little jealous and worry that they’re not going to be loved anymore. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, a lot of parents have a second child so the older one will have another sibling to play with!

However, this all shifts after the baby is born. It seems like magic but suddenly the older sibling inevitably falls in love with their adorable baby brother or sister

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