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Are you afraid of heights? I dare you to watch this video!


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You Know, yes you all vey well know that the most feared thing in htis world about us is death. We always feared everytime we have experienced spped, height or heavy waves in seas. But to fight with it you need confidence, and that comes from practise. There are many awesome people in this world which performs such acts that we never think in dream of doing that. Some of the acts can gives us goosebumps. But for those performers these acts are vey norma

A gathering of youngsters climb the most astounding structures to do brave traps. They call themselves thrill seekers and they adore risk. Envision that an arbitrary wind can make them lose their adjustment. Just watching this makes my knees tremble. In this video presentation they have performed the edge act from a heoght were normal people might gets vomiting. See how perfectly and boldly they have performed this act. Jumps, Spins, Leeching, Balancing and everything in this acts was perfect. This is one of the boldest act you have ever seen. One small mistake and you are thrown off from such a height that you will never survive. 

But Overall this is a thrilled and well performed act.

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